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Hints & Tips

Information Sheets


Base Layers Explained

Hiking Systems Explained

Aquafleece Explained

Classing Hike Shorts

Rooster Pro Hike Shorts

Trolley Sling

Rooster Thermaflex Top

Laser Traveller

Neoprene Zipped Boots

Laser - Side Deck Cleats

Ladder Lock Buckle

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Information Sheets

Polilite Mainsheet

Steve explains the concept behid our Olympic Gold Medal winning rope.

Steve Cockerill

Carbon Tiller for the Laser

Steve explains why this tiller performs so well.

Steve Cockerill

How to Splice Modern Ropes

Ever wondered how to splice modern ropes with a fid? This informations sheet explains all with plenty of pictures.

Rooster Sailing
how to SPLICE

The New Laser Control Lines explained

All you need to know about the new deck led systems

Rooster Sailing
control lines LASER

Laser Rigging Guide - Old Style Kicker

Step-by-step guide to rigging the conventional 6:1 kicker system

Rooster Sailing
control lines LASER

Laser Centreboard and Rudder - Care Information

How to care for your Laser Cetreboard & Rudder...

Rooster Sailing
foil care LASER
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